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Weev provides electric vehicle charging points, installed and operated at no cost to your business.

Weev continues to grow its network in Northern Ireland and works with other charging networks to deploy a range of public charging points and locations.

Our public charging network along makes sure you can charge wherever you are at a Hotel, Restaurant or Petrol Forecourt, Weev got you covered.

Driving Footfall to your site by enabling drivers to stop at your charge point and with the opportunity to increase revenue.



Installation of Civil Works and Chargers & Painting of EV Bays carried out at Weev’s cost

15 year commitment from Weev to install, manage, maintain and upgrade the charging infrastructure.

Throughout our partnership Weev commit to in life upgrades, technology refreshes and bay expansion as EV Charging demand grows

Weev have local installers, technical support and boots on the ground to manage, maintain and ensure the upkeep of all our location partners EV charging hubs. Service Level Agreement with Service Credits £100 per day*

Weev provide 247 end user support for all our charging customers and locations. Provide an essential service for your customers backed by the Weev App and 247 Care Centre.

Gain valuable insights into your EV charging location. Weev’s CBA reporting engine can provide drill down analytics on customer behaviour, journeys and statistics. Customer Targeting Opportunities.


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