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“Since 1998, we have built an organisation that has been having a major, positive impact on the lives of those it helps. Our award-winning social enterprise model seeks to have a thriving, sustainable set of businesses that are put to the service of the people that need it most – people with disability; people with health conditions; and people from disadvantaged backgrounds. We provide the training, work experience and support services they need to get the most fulfilment they can out of their lives”

Hazel Bell, Chair, AEL Board



We can help your business be more ASD Friendly with 'CALM' (Creating A Little Moment) bags and staff training.

Our staff are highly experienced in supporting those with neurodiverse conditions, such as ASD. Through our work, we recognised that sometimes people just need a little moment of calm, be that the trainees we support across our live business or customers coming into our Lunchbox café with their families. A change in surroundings, busy places and noise can be extremely difficult for children/young people with ASD. Their senses can become over stimulated by the environment around them, causing them to become distressed and distracted. Our bags provide resources to help them manage these environments and enables them and their families to visit places they may previously have thought of as “out of bounds.” Our Bags help create a little moment for young people with ASD and can be branded with your business logo. Each bag contains ear defenders to allow ASD individuals to limit sensory input and the amount of sound they're exposed to in a quick and dignified manner. Our sensory fidget toys and stress balls offer a calming activity that keeps their minds engaged and hands busy, while also helping them to self-regulate, stay focused and relieve anxiety, and they hand the bag back when leaving, to be used when needed again.



  • One hour training session: Basic introduction to ASD, what it is, and how it might impact individuals. Signs to look out for. Purpose of the Bags and how/when to use. One Bag plus training only £59.99 + vat in total (+travel expenses) On completion of training, you will be given a sticker to display on your premises, saying your staff have been trained and that your business is ASD friendly.
  • Two hour training session: In depth discussion, on what ASD is, how it presents and how it might impact individuals. Legislation Autism Act (NI). Signs to look out for. Group work – how to respond to scenarios that might arise in your setting. Purpose of the Bags and how/when to use. One Bag plus training only £99.99 + vat in total (+travel expenses) On completion of training, you will be given a sticker to display on your premises.
  • Additional Bags available at £29.99


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