health packages offer benefits to both staff members and the employer.

Retaining existing staff and attracting new team members has never been more difficult.

In today’s competitive employment market it is now vital that employers offer more than just money; otherwise it simply becomes an auction with the highest bidder winning the race and doesn’t secure any loyalty from existing or newly recruited staff- meaning it’s only a matter of time until the bidding war for staff begins again.

Offering added benefits is not just a way to attract new team members, it’s a very effective way to create a barrier to existing valuable staff leaving. Plus, offering welfare benefits like health protection benefits both staff and the employer as long waiting lists for NHS appointments and procedures or mental health support can leave you short staffed; putting more pressure on the rest of the team.

Utilising our group buying power, Hospitality Ulster, through our partner Towergate Health & Protection has secured best-in-class packages to help you deliver real staff benefits and barriers to leave at an unmatchable cost.



From as little as £1 per employee per week we can help you support you workforce with several everyday health care solutions.

Musculoskeletal, dental, and other minor ailments often lead to employees taking time off work. These can easily be prevented from becoming problems that impact the workplace if treatment is sought early, but many employees put off trying to treat issues due to cost.

Though Towergate Health & Protection you have access to several bespoke health cash plans, which are a cost-effective way of helping your employees with their everyday healthcare bills.

From a basic level of cover, you can claim from:

  • £65 per year for Dental Treatment
  • £65 per year for Optical Costs
  • £150 per year for Complementary Therapies, such as Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Osteopath and Chiropractor Treatment
  • £200 per year for Private Specialist Consultations, including CT, MRI and Pet Scans
  • £20 per year for Prescriptions, Inoculations and Flu Jabs
  • Employee assistance program (EAP) giving you access to 24/7 support for Health and Stress related issues.
  • Virtual GP & Prescription Service


Unlike some private medical insurance (PMI) policies, a healthcare cash plan can cover pre-existing medical conditions. This means it can be offered as a benefit that all employees can gain from. Healthcare cash plans can be tailored to suit most budgets and requirements.






Now you can maintain a healthy workforce without the high costs normally associated with private medical insurance. This option is a more affordable alternative to private medical insurance that costs just £11.90 per employee per month, that provides access to a broad range of health and wellbeing support services including:

  • Exclusively though Hospitality Ulster- unlike similar policies there is no wait time to utilise this benefit. This means all staff will enjoy immediate access to all services offered.
  • 24/7 rapid access to UK based GP’s who can provide remote consultations and private prescriptions
  • Mental Health Support service that helps you support the mental health of all your employees who may need help from experienced councillors for difficulties related to things such as bereavements, work, or relationship issues.
  • Physiotherapy benefit enables employees to look after their physical health through bespoke management and treatment plans delivered virtually or with up to 6 face to face paid sessions for more severe injuries
  • Private Diagnostic service covers fast access to get a diagnosis with things such as scans, x-rays and consultations when an employee is facing a wait through the NHS.
  • Access to over 200+ surgical procedures that can range from surgery focused on bones, joints, tendons, muscles and nerves to surgeries focused on the abdomen, stomach, small bowel, colon and gallbladder. There is so much more offered too.
  • Guarantee that every employee will be accepted for cover regardless of any pre-existing conditions.






With a wide range of cover and underwriting available, pricing for a single 34 year old, can be covered for as little as £13 a month.

A business private medical insurance (PMI) policy can provide your employees with rapid access to consultants, diagnosis and treatment – getting them back on their feet, and back to work, much quicker. Many plans offer solutions to support common worksite complaints, like stress and musculoskeletal problems. Rather than waiting months for a consultant appointment to come through, your staff will have quick and easy access to consultants, enabling them to be diagnosed and treated much faster.

Cover can include treatment for serious illnesses, such as cancer, as well as physiotherapy and complementary practitioner treatment. Employees may also have access to surgical procedures and treatments not yet available on the NHS.

Offering your employees PMI can be a valuable way to help you attract and retain quality people. Showing your employees that you care about their health and wellbeing can also help to improve morale, motivation and productivity. You could offer your staff:

  • Rapid access to medical treatment
  • Pre-existing conditions can be covered when you insure 15+ employees
  • Comprehensive cover options available
  • Free unlimited consultancy support through Towergate Health & Protection
  • Free private GP service for ‘all employees’ when a new plan is set up
  • Free market reviews for your business
  • Free additional add-on benefits are available for Towergate & Hospitality Ulster members






Your employees are your biggest asset and caring about their financial wellbeing can help increase employee engagement.

Financial protection Concern about what happens to loved ones if something happens to us is one of the most common basic human anxieties. Group protection benefits provide financial protection for employees and their families. By providing security for your employees, you can find yourself being rewarded with improved engagement and retention rates. They are highly valued yet relatively inexpensive for employers to offer.

Group life/Death in Service cover:

Through our exclusive deal, Group Life Assurance can be obtained for as little as £1.58 per employee per week, based on 10 lives and a benefit of £50,000 per employee.

CLICK HERE to calculate (you can adjust staff numbers to see the premium)

the most common employer sponsored benefit can often represent the only life insurance provision for low to middle income individuals, providing a tax-free amount for their dependants should they pass away whilst in service.

This benefit is payable outside of Inheritance tax (IHT) rules and does not form part of the employees estate. Employees will be able to nominate a beneficiary/dependant using the form provided by their employer.

Please note that all employees must be covered and must all have the same level of benefit.

Group Income Protection:

Provides a continuing income for employees if illness or injury prevents them from working for a prolonged period of time, and can be used by an employer to cover a contractual promise of long-term sick pay to employees.

In addition to this, all potential long-term absences are managed on behalf of the business owner. An early intervention support service is offered to assist employee’s and employers when they need it at no additional cost to the employer.

Group Critical Illness:

Pays a tax-free lump sum to an employee on the diagnosis of one of a wide range of potentially life threatening conditions including heart attack, cancer and stroke. Group protection schemes can be tailored to suit most budgets and requirements.

Key Person Cover:

It’s important to think about people who could have a critical impact on the company if they were no longer able to work or passed away – these are key employees. This cover helps to protect your business if a key person dies or becomes seriously ill.

Business Loan Protection:

Business loan protection provides funds to cover business loans and other credit in case a business owner dies or becomes seriously ill.

Shareholder / Partnership Protection:

This cover provides a lump sum should one of the shareholders or partners die or become critically ill. It provides the funds for the remaining business owners to buy the shareholder’s or partner’s shares and retain control of the company.






Hospitality Ulster and Towergate Health & Protection have teamed up to offer all hospitality members under the HU umbrella several health and wellbeing proposals to help you support to your employees….

When you are looking for a healthcare partner, you want to work with a company you can trust. Someone who can help you to make informed decisions so you can take care of your biggest asset, your employees.

We are an award-winning independent intermediary specialising in health and wellbeing. We offer expert, tailored advice on a range of health and wellbeing products, both in the UK and internationally.

They do the Hard Work for you:

As an independent intermediary, using our group buying power they explore the whole market to source the best products and providers to meet your needs. They have strong relationships with big household names, along with many smaller providers, all offering excellent products and services, giving you a wide range of options. They will provide you with impartial, accurate and innovative guidance, and work with you to help you understand and navigate the various programmes and cost options available to you.

Focused on Service:

Award-winning customer service, dedicated support teams and exceptional value make us a clear choice for your business.

Employers are benefitting from improving the health of the people that work for them. There is a growing body of evidence which shows the financial benefits enjoyed by businesses that form a health and wellbeing

strategy, and implement a plan to achieve the strategy’s goals.

Conversely, prolonged absence can have a substantially negative impact on companies, through statutory sick pay and overtime costs, manpower issues as well as a potential backlog of work. This can be hard to deal with in any size organisation but can be a particular concern for small to medium sized businesses. A working health and wellbeing strategy can reduce sickness absence, demonstrate your duty of care, improve productivity, and reduce staff turnover, but the overarching aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of the company’s employees.

An effective health and wellbeing strategy may involve co-ordinating services from a range of different providers, so it’s important to have a healthcare partner who understands the range of options available and how they can be made to work together most effectively.



Hospitality Ulster is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Towergate Health & Protection.
Towergate Health & Protection is a trading name of Health and Protection Solutions Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Registered in England and Wales number 4907859. Registered office: West Park House, 23 Cumberland Place, Southampton, SO15 2BB

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