Updated Guidance On Available Financial Support Packages For NI Industry

24 March 2020

Updated Guidance On Available Financial Support Packages For NI Industry

Hospitality Ulster business advisory partner BDO NI has issued updated guidance on the financial support available to the hospitality industry in NI, and the immediate next steps you should consider.


HU Chief Executive Colin Neill said;

"Unprecedented times have meant unprecedented measures by Government, some of which it is struggling to clarify as new processes are needed and developed. However we also recognise that in many cases you are working blind, and we are endeavouring to provide as much *accurate* advice as possible. The key word being accurate as there so much misinformation being generated to fill the void.

"I therefore cannot thank Brian Murphy and his team at BDO NI enough. They have stepped up to the mark to support our industry through this difficult period, collating and analysing the available information on available financial support packages and also providing guidance on what actions individual businesses need to take.

"We would not be able to support you to the level we have without Brian and BDO NI’s help!”


Brian Murphy, Managing Partner, BDO NI said;

"After the initial shock and uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on the business community, it is now time for business owners to be proactive in fundamentally reassessing their position and establishing what support they need, and ultimately can avail of, through the new Government financial support packages.

"We are working with businesses to help them make the decisions that are necessary to ensure that they will survive and will still be viable on the other side of this crisis.”