18 September 2020


IMPORTANT NOTICE: New legally enforceable Covid regulations covering all licensed hospitality premises will be introduced in the coming days.

Whilst the full details are still being developed by the Executive Office, the following should be used to prepare for their introduction:


  • The venue will be required as part of its risk assessment process to identify the number of people who can safely be accommodated in line with social distancing requirements, and must clearly display this figure in the premises;
  • Hand sanitisation stations must be in place;
  • The venue will be required to collect customer details to assist with the Test, Trace, Protect contact tracing programme;
  • All service will be seated at tables. There will be no standing and no service at the bar;
  • Customers must remain seated once in the premises, apart from using the facilities;
  • Dancing will be prohibited in hospitality venues; 
  • A maximum of six people from any number of households can be seated at a table in a hospitality venue. Children aged 12 and under will be discounted from the total. More than six will be permitted if they all belong to a single household.
  • Face coverings should be worn to enter and leave the venue and for movement inside. They are not required once seated.
  • Live music / DJs: regulations controlling the provision of music are also being introduced in the coming days. Until these are introduced, the current guidance on music remains in place. It is vital that you avoid any loud music that would result in people having to raise their voices or lean closer to hear / talk to other people.

The regulations will apply to any venue serving alcohol or where alcohol can be brought in and consumed by customers.


It is likely the regulations will come into effect on Wednesday 23rd September, however we recommend that you implement them immediately.


Hospitality Ulster will issue additional support and guidance to members in the coming days as soon as we have the full details.




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