Hospitality sector hyper-vigilant to coronavirus situation

02 March 2020

Hospitality sector hyper-vigilant to coronavirus situation


Local Hospitality sector hyper-vigilant to developing Coronavirus situation and reassures customers and visitors that all preventative measures are being taken


Colin Neill, Chief Executive of Hospitality Ulster said:

“We have been following the developments of Coronavirus closely and have issued detailed guidance to our members and those working in the hospitality industry.


“By nature, the hospitality industry operates high standards of hygiene and cleanliness and we have encouraged members to reinforce those standards, for example by washing hands regularly, making hand sanitisers available for staff and at reception areas, and disinfecting surfaces at regular intervals.


“It is important that everyone adopts a vigilant approach and that we take all the preventative measures we can, to assist with the containment of the virus. The hospitality sector is taking nothing for granted and carrying out all the preventative measures it can.


“The guidance we have issued will be updated as the situation develops, and we are continually urging our own members to keep checking official advice and guidance on the Public Health Agency website which is being updated regularly.”