15 April 2021


Hospitality Ulster has welcomed the bringing forward of dates for the reopening of the hospitality sector after the initial shock of leaked indicative dates this morning.


The organisation has said that whilst we are some way off other parts of the UK in terms of their reopening plans, the changes made by the Executive today will make a difference and provide some hope that we are moving towards relative normality.


Hospitality Ulster has reiterated that the constant push for dates is about saving and restoring the livelihoods of business owners and the tens of thousands of staff that rely upon the sector. It says that just by having dates to work towards will come as a huge relief to everyone in the sector and their families.


Colin Neill, Chief Executive, Hospitality Ulster said:


“This movement by the Executive in bringing forward new dates which reflect the data is to be welcomed after the huge amount of anxiety was caused by the previous dates leaked to the media this morning.”


“There are still several weeks to go for outdoor to be opened and five weeks still to go for indoor hospitality, but we now have dates and a timescale to work with. Whilst these are indicative dates, especially for the reopening of indoor, it is hoped that the programme can be accelerated.”


“Hope is now on the horizon and for those who have been able to survive this devastating period it is now time for them to prepare their businesses for the long awaited resumption of trading. It is now in everyone’s interest that we make sure that all precautions are taken to get us through these next few weeks safely.”


“Our industry has spent millions of pounds on Covid secure measures and will reopen in a responsibly way, but any additional restrictions must allow businesses to operate on a sustainable footing to secure the future of the jobs depending on them.”