25 September 2020


New legally enforceable regulations are now in force (below) with penalties including the loss of your liquor licence!


With the decision on an industry curfew expected on Monday:


  • Dancing is NOT permitted indoors, except for the Bride and Groom at a wedding or professional dancer(s) providing entertainment at a venue
  • Live or recorded music for dancing is NOT permitted
  • Live music is NOT permitted
  • Maximum table is 6 persons from 2 households
  • Recording customer details for track and trace


(Full list of regulations and guidance for HU members can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE


It is vital that everyone in our industry follows not just the new regulations but also the other guidance that is still in place for outside areas, along with issues not included in the new regulations.


With a rising infection rate, although with hospitality not identified as the source, we have an important roll to play in limiting the spread of the virus.


It is imperative that we do all we can to ensure that our pubs, restaurants and hotels are not found wanting, as I have no doubt that a spotlight will be on our industry this weekend and most likely kept there going forward. Any indication that our industry is even a potential source will be met with potential closure.


I am also very aware that our members in music venues, nightclubs and the wider events industry are still unable to open and we continue to lobby on their behalf.


Indeed, last Friday I thought we have provided the Executive office with an effective proposal to allow acoustic music in public areas and amplified live music in private functions and ticketed performances. However, on Monday we were told this would be banned without any consultation or input.


I therefore cannot stress enough that compliance with regulations and guidance is vital to limit the spread of the virus and also for the very survival of your business and our industry.


I appeal to all of our industry, HU members and non-members, please help us to protect the health of the public, your customers, your staff, your family and the survival of your business.



Yours sincerely,


Colin Neill
Chief Executive