HU Calls On Industry To Introduce Social Distancing Immediately

15 March 2020

HU Calls On Industry To Introduce Social Distancing Immediately

Hospitality Ulster has called on its members to take actions to limit the spread of COVID19 

Colin Neill, Chief Executive, Hospitality Ulster said today:


“We are continuing to follow all government guidance, but as this is a fast developing situation, we have taken the decision to introduce ‘social distancing’ as an additional measure.”


“The health of the nation is paramount, as is the health of our staff, but it is also important that we try and ensure people will have jobs to return too once this crisis is over.”


”We are a responsible sector and have already made huge efforts to maintain high hygiene standards and adhere to all official Government and health authority advice.”


The layout of individual premises will be different and may require alteration to minimise any potential spread.


Hospitality Ulster advises the follow measures


  • Ensure customer numbers do not exceed a level that allows a 2m distance between unrelated people
  • Make hand sanitiser available and visible on premises
  • Minimise standing room
  • Minimise contact we recommend the following:
    • Staff wear disposable gloves
    • Seek to remove cash transactions
  • Clean seats etc with proper clearing material after every use
  • Regularly clean all frequent touch surfaces like door handles
  • Carry out repeated and constant general cleaning with proper cleaning products
  • Waste bins to be emptied and cleaned frequently
  • Staff to wear protective gloves


For staff guidance, please refer to our Coronavirus Guidance for the Hospitality Industry. Click here.