Do the Deal - Trade NI Call To Stormont Talks

18 July 2019

Do the Deal - Trade NI Call To Stormont Talks

As the political talks to restore devolution reach a critical phase, and three months since the tragic murder of Lyra McKee, Northern Ireland’s largest business coalition, Trade NI, has urged the political parties to ‘Do the Deal”.
Trade NI is the alliance of Hospitality Ulster, Retail NI and Manufacturing NI, representing the majority of private sector employers in Northern Ireland.

The Trade NI CEOs, Colin Neill, Glyn Roberts and Stephen Kelly said:

“It is now three months since the tragic murder of Lyra McKee and the resulting overwhelming heartfelt pleas from all sections of society for the political parties to move on and conclude a deal”
“Lyra’s murder was the catalyst for the current talks’ process and getting a deal over the line would be the best way to honour her memory”.

“Our elected politicians are there to support the people and the economy. It’s time to get back to work. We would ask that all politicians seek progress with an attitude of compromise and recognition of the many challenges our economy and society faces”.

“Businesses have an economic right to succeed and be competitive. These rights will be the greatest guarantee of prosperity and peace in the years ahead”.

“As we face massive changes to the world economy, such as climate change, trade wars and the recent report from the Department for the Economy that revealed our economy could lose up to 40,000 jobs in the wake of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, we need local Ministers in place to deal with these huge challenges”.

“Now, more than ever, we need our political leaders to show the way with big bold solutions and to make the difficult decisions. Real leaders do not see problems; they seek solutions”
“We want to see a Northern Ireland that is an outward looking, confident, tolerant, welcoming and inclusive region that has something to give to the rest of the world”

“Northern Ireland can only achieve this with its own devolved government leading the way and shaping a prosperous future for all”.


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