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Supporting resources  

A place you will develop

Respect for all team members



Hospitality Ulster provides a range of relevant resources


Nibusinessinfo provide a guide to Employee Communication and Engagement

How to achieve good communication between employer and employees | nibusinessinfo.co.uk


A manager who motivates, challenges and supports team members can inspire employees to give their best for the company.  NIbusinessinfo provide guidance on

How to be an engaging manager | nibusinessinfo.co.uk


The HATS network webinar - Reward, Engagement & Recognition looks at using culture to engage, reward and recognise, understanding communication & engaging your team, and how to use emotional intelligence as a tool.

Webinars – HATS Network


Promote diversity and inclusion



Hospitality Ulster provides a range of relevant resources

NI Business Info provides information on equality and diversity Equality and diversity in the workplace | nibusinessinfo.co.uk

Support team members in their wider lives


Hospitality Ulster provides a range of relevant resources


A rewarding job and career

Ensure team members are well paid


Hospitality Ulster guidance


Tips and Service Charge



Hospitality Ulster provides guidance on tips and service charge

Tips and Gratuities Knowledge Nugget

Training & Development



Hospitality Ulster provides a range of relevant resources


Invest NI provide a guide and support for businesses on developing a staff training plan. Develop a staff training plan | nibusinessinfo.co.uk


There are many training providers and a range of skills support which can assist with upskilling your employees.  The HATS Skills funding guide provides links to a range of support programmes and training providers. 



The HATS network webinar - Training & Development - Supporting your existing team highlights best practice in developing your people and multi-skilling your teams including providing engaging development pathways and providing opportunities to learn.

Webinars – HATS Network


Flexible working environment



NIbusinessinfo provide a guide for businesses on how to promote healthy work-life balance in the workplace.  Promoting work-life balance | nibusinessinfo.co.uk


The Equality Commission NI provides guidelines for small businesses on flexible working

ECNI - Flexible working - equality guidelines for small businesses (equalityni.org)


The HATS network webinar - Wellbeing – Practicalities

explores using culture as a starting point to embed work-life balance practices, well-being practices and how mental health impacts performance. Webinars – HATS Network


A place you will thrive

Keeping people safe at work



Hospitality Ulster provides a range of relevant resources


The HSENI publication - Protect Your Profit provides information for small businesses on how to develop a health and safety policy. 


Supporting mental health



Hospitality Ulster provides a range of relevant resources


A range of support is available for employers to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace.

Mental ill health: support for employers | nibusinessinfo.co.uk


A free health and wellbeing support programme is available to employers offering a package of support funded by the Public Health Agency.  Work Well. Live Well. (dhcni.com)


The HATS network webinar - Wellbeing - Layered approach to mental healthcovers why mental health should be a priority for business and how to support the mental health of employees. Webinars – HATS Network


Enforce a policy of

anti-harassment in the workplace



Hospitality Ulster provides a range of workplace policy examples


The Equality Commission (ECNI) and the Labour Relations Agency (LRA) have published a guide which outlines some steps businesses can take to help build an inclusive workplace Harassment and Bullying at Work - Promoting an Inclusive Workplace (equalityni.org)


Equality NI also provide model policies for employers

ECNI - Model policies and procedures for employers (equalityni.org)


Responsible recruitment


Businesses have a responsibility to ensure slavery and human trafficking does not take place in their organisations.    

NIbusinessinfo provide a guide for employers on:

Modern slavery: protect workers and prevent exploitation | nibusinessinfo.co.uk



As part of the HATS network webinar series the Recruiting today for your employer brand webinar explores best practices in recruitment and benefits aligned with employer brand.  Webinars – HATS Network


The webinar - Employer Basics – Creating safety & security

provides a refresh on statutory requirements relating to modern slavery as an employer / manager.  It provides a briefing in human trafficking & modern slavery as it applies to hospitality & tourism, with a view on best practice in promoting an inclusive workplace.

Webinars – HATS Network


The webinar  - The Northern Ireland Labour Market

provides an overview of trends and insights into the supply of labour plus looks at opportunities to futureproof recruitment. Webinars – HATS Network


The webinar - Collaboration & Partnership - Supporting training and recruitment showcases the benefits of external partnerships and collaborative relationships with schools, colleges, and other organisations to help businesses and support a diverse workforce. Webinars – HATS Network