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Challenging Government

With a higher GDP than agriculture the Hospitality Industry in Northern Ireland is a key economic driver, creating wealth and jobs in every part of the province. However despite our industry’s considerable economic value we continue to face hurdles at every turn with legislation that is not fit for purpose- compounded by reduced investment in skills, infrastructure and tourism marketing. Plus, Property and VAT rates that render us uncompetitive on both local and global markets.

We are an industry that has the potential to become world class, but we cannot achieve this with our hands tied behind our backs. Hospitality Ulster provides a strong coherent voice representing our industry at every level of Government- challenging the Northern Ireland Assembly to get serious about the Hospitality and Tourism industry and support its growth through enabling legislation and taxation if we are to realise our full potential


In Brief

Hospitality Ulster calls on the Northern Ireland Assembly to recognise the value of our industry to the Northern Ireland economy. It must place Hospitality and Tourism at the heart of government’s economic strategy in relation to providing the legislation, funding, skills, infrastructure and levels of taxation that will stimulate the growth of our industry and the Northern Ireland economy.


The Northern Ireland Assembly must…

  1. Commit

    Commit to Hospitality and Tourism as a key economic driver and a priority for the Northern Ireland Assembly with a ten year strategy to support growth in Hospitality and Tourism.
  2. Create

    Create an enabling taxation and regulatory environment that can stimulate growth in Hospitality and Tourism
  3. Invest

    Invest in Hospitality and Tourism with long term sustained funding to support the ten year strategy


 Standing Up For Your Business Locally

• LOCAL representation on individual issues for individual members
• MEDIATION with the authorities on disputed licensing issues
• SUPPORT in disputes with local councils i.e. health & licensing
• REPRESENTATION at local council committee hearings
• NEGOTIATION with utility suppliers like water, electricity and gas
• DISPUTES – Representation in supplier and pricing issues
• A POSITIVE VOICE promoting your business.


Speaking Up For Your Business Nationally

Challenging the government at the NI Assembly and Westminster
• BUSINESS RATES – Lobbying for a review of the way business rates are calculated
• VAT – Campaigning for a reduction on tourism VAT
• LIQUOR LICENSING – Making the case for modern licensing legislation
• FOOD – Fighting against legislation like calorie counts & gold plating EU legislation
• COST OF DOING BUSINESS – Fighting to reduce the cost & complexity of regulations
• ENTERTAINMENT LICENSING – Calling for permanent licences, less cost & complexity
• TOURISM STRATEGY – Industry led and province wide
• VISITOR TRANSPORT STRATEGY – delivering tourism across Northern Ireland
• ILLEGAL PREMISES – Action on premises that steal business from legitimate businesses
• MINIMUM PRICE – Action against irresponsible retailing of alcohol
• RESPONSIBLE RETAILING – Self regulation and not legislation
• ONLINE REVIEWS – Redress against false, damaging & often malicious reviews
• PAVEMENT CAFÉ REGULATIONS – Enabling legislation
• SKILLS – Campaigning for a skilled workforce & government supported training
• DUTY – Freeze duty & stop its ineffective use to tackle irresponsible supermarkets
• SMOKING BAN – Review of legislation. Technical solutions
• STAFFING – Promoting the hospitality industry as a career of choice
• ECONOMY – Investment support & business friendly taxation
• FINANCE – Access to finance for small businesses.


As a small independent business
it’s important that I can make my
voice heard

Garry Owens Publican Frank Owens Bar, Limavady.


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