Get recognised as an employer committed to the development of your staff, enabling them to reach their full potential.

As Northern Irelands 4th largest private sector employer the hospitality industry already offers a ‘no barrier’ entry route to a career that can provide both vocational and life skills, offering a wide range of opportunities across multiple roles.

But with growing challenges in the labour market, made worse by the inability to access EU labour, businesses within the hospitality industry must now compete in what is a limited labour market. To do so, they must demonstrate the opportunities and benefits they offer to make hospitality a career of choice.

To support individual businesses, Hospitality Ulster has developed the ‘Hospitality Employers Charter’. All Hospitality Businesses are invited to sign, with signatories committing to a fast-track development and reward programme.

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Committing to the terms of the charter could not be easier! Simply fill in the form below and submit to sign. Once submitted you will be redirected to a weblink (we’ll email this to you so you can access it any time) with a copy of the Charter to display in staff areas, along with Charter logos and branding to use on job adverts etc.


As a signatory to the Hospitality Charter we are committed to the development of our people so they can achieve their full potential, to build career pathways within the industry and pay the ‘rate for the job’ and 
commit to the following principles:

  1. Employment policies & procedures: In place and regularly reviewed.

  2. Contract of employment & Statement of Main Terms & Conditions: Provided to all employees on commencement of employment. 

  3. Health & Safety: Provide a safe working environment and all necessary personal protective equipment. 

  4. Breaks: All staff must receive regular breaks in line with both legal requirements and the individual contract of employment 

  5. Employee Wellbeing: Support the physical and mental health of all staff 

  6. Work life balance: Support a work life balance when planning rotas etc 

  7. Equality, Dignity & Respect in the Workplace: Ensure equality, dignity, respect and equal opportunities within the workplace 

  8. Implement a fast track Development and Reward Programme with pay increments* that recognise increasing skills and performance 

  9. Hourly paid staff must be paid for all hours worked. Salaried staff must have a set maximum number of working hours. If these hours are exceeded by mutual agreement, they must receive payment for the extra hours. 

  10. Tips received must be passed on to the appropriate staff taking account of any collective staff agreements and taxes the employer is legally required to deduct. 





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