Tennents NI Gives Support To Minimum Pricing

03 December 2014

Tennent’s NI Ltd, a leading Northern Ireland drinks supplier, the producer of brands including Tennent’s Lager, and Magners Cider has given its support for the introduction of minimum alcohol pricing.

Tom McCusker, Managing Director of Tennent’s NI said: "We welcome today's announcement by Health Minister, Jim Wells, of the plans to introduce Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol in Northern Ireland. As one of Ireland’s leading drinks companies we take our responsibilities as a brewer, cider maker and wholesaler seriously. We recognise that there is an issue with the abuse of alcohol by a minority of consumers and that the Government has a role to play in tackling this. As such, we welcome sensible moves to ensure that alcohol is enjoyed responsibly.

“In principle, we support the Government’s proposals to introduce minimum pricing measures for alcohol as long as minimum pricing is introduced as one of a range of measures aimed at tackling this issue; and these measures are implemented fairly and proportionately.”

"C&C, owners of Tennent’s NI, was the first major drinks company to declare its support for minimum pricing when this initiative was launched by the Scottish Government in 2011. C&C believes that minimum unit pricing is a sensible step in promoting responsible consumption and also notes that this initiative has broad cross-party support"