Tennents NI Comment on Minimum Unit Pricing

Tennents NI Comment on Minimum Unit Pricing

03 September 2015

In response to the opinion given by the European Court today on the issue of minimum unit pricing on alcohol, Tom McCusker, Managing Director of Tennent’s NI said:

“Minimum pricing is an important step in addressing the very specific but damaging problem of strong, cheap alcohol. It would be a lost opportunity for Northern Ireland if it were not introduced.


“Although the majority of people enjoy alcohol responsibly, the availability of strong, cheap alcohol and its impact on a minority of people and their communities is concerning. 


We believe that there is no doubt and plenty of evidence to show that cheap alcohol is a driver of consumption for some people.


Minimum unit pricing would be a brave but very useful step in tackling this misuse of alcohol.


As the brewer of Tennent’s Lager, Magners Cider and a range of other quality brands, we are part of the fabric of Northern Ireland's community and wholeheartedly support the responsible consumption of alcohol. For those reasons, we have backed minimum pricing proposals since 2011 – and we continue to do so.


Today's ruling appears to leave the door open for the Scottish Government, on whose case the opinion was provided, to press its case in the Scottish courts.


As always, but particularly in light of today, we encourage the NI Government to continue to show leadership on this issue.


We pledge to support their aims and work with them on a wider alcohol strategy.”