Statement on behalf of Pubs of Ulster on Keg and Cylinder Theft from Pubs

15 October 2012

Colin Neill, chief executive of Pubs of Ulster said:


“The theft of kegs and gas cylinders from pubs has been an issue for some time and one that is becoming increasingly prevalent across Northern Ireland.

“This illegal activity is already having a serious impact across the industry.  As kegs and cylinders are directly owned by brewers and suppliers, they are currently trying to deal with the financial burden these thefts have on their business.  If this trend continues, manufactures may be forced to increase prices, which in turn will hit the pockets of customers.  Pubs too are likely to be affected as if these thefts continue, it will become increasingly likely that brewers will have to bring in a deposit system for kegs and cylinders.  This will mean that pubs will lose money for any containers not returned.  This will take millions of pounds out of the industry and will be yet another financial burden that many struggling pubs will not be able to bear.


“Pubs of Ulster is currently working with the PSNI on the issue and will continue to do so in our efforts to stamp out these thefts.  We would encourage all publicans to ensure that empty kegs and cylinders are stored as securely as possible and to report any thefts to the PSNI as soon as possible.”