Statement on Irresponsible Promotions Consultations Launch

13 March 2012

Statement on behalf of Pubs of Ulster


Following today's launch of a consultation on irresponsible drinks promotions by Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland, Colin Neill, chief executive of Pubs of Ulster said:


“Pubs of Ulster welcomes the consultation on Irresponsible Drinks Promotions Regulations and fully supports the proposals set out by the Minister. 


“The proposals, which if implemented will ban certain types of drinks promotions, complement Pubs of Ulster’s joint industry code of practice which we believe will help reinforce any legislation introduced by the Minister and ultimately tackle the issue of irresponsible promotions going forward.


“Whilst the majority of the industry has a very responsible approach to drinks promotions, we do recognise that a small minority continue to engage in practices which are considered to be irresponsible and potentially damaging.  This cannot go on and Pubs of Ulster will continue to work closely with the Minister and its members to ensure that a responsible way forward is agreed and enforced.


“Pubs of Ulster is also glad to see that the proposals put forward in the consultation take into account the role of supermarkets - now the largest retailer of alcohol in Northern Ireland- in encouraging the misuse and abuse of alcohol.  With 70% of alcohol now consumed at home, it is clear that promotions offered by supermarkets need to be more heavily regulated. 


“Pubs of Ulster would encourage all those within the industry to take the opportunity to make their voice heard on the issue and respond to the consultation before it closes on the 7th May 2012.”


The consultation may also be accessed on the DSD website at: