Saving the Planet and Saving Money Too Good to be True

Saving the Planet and Saving Money Too Good to be True

07 September 2011

Pubs of Ulster and the Carbon Trust have launched a unique report into the Northern Ireland pub industry and its energy usage, revealing that pubs have the potential to make significant savings in both energy and money.

The report, 'Improving the Profitability of Pubs Through Better Energy Management', estimates that pubs in Northern Ireland spend a massive £15m on energy each year. However, the report also identifies 14 simple steps that pubs can take to improve efficiency, resulting in a potential reduction in energy costs of up to 32%. This means an industry saving of over £5m or, in real money terms, the average pub in Northern Ireland could expect to save £3,360 annually. This is before the 20% increase in electricity in October.

The report, which was compiled following a thorough energy audit of eight sample pubs found that energy management practises had significant room for improvement. Against a backdrop of soaring energy prices and increased financial pressure on the pub sector, the report highlights the importance of improving energy efficiency in order to make real savings across the industry.

Commenting on the study, Colin Neill, chief executive of Pubs of Ulster said:

"It's no surprise that pubs are very dependent on expensive energy, however, what is surprising is the potential savings identified by the Carbon Trust Report. With pubs under considerable financial pressure every opportunity to reduce overheads has the potential to be life saving, especially when there is financial support to implement many of the energy saving opportunities identified.

"With energy costs increasing, and the report being supported by Pubs of Ulster's newly appointed Preferential Suppliers dealing in energy efficiency, there is no better time for pubs to act and save money."

Donagh Moorehead, client manager at the Carbon Trust said:

"The Carbon Trust study sends a very positive message to Pubs of Ulster members; it highlights a range of cost effective actions that can be taken to help off-set the recent rises in fuel cost and future proof against further increases. The implementation facts sheets, which highlight the opportunities in detail, combined with the availability of Carbon Trust interest free finance provides members with a unique opportunity to effect a real change to improve their businesses profitability."

The full report, factsheets and information on sources of financial support can be found by clicking here.