Rain Nightclub Withdraws From Voluntary Agreement

21 May 2012

Commenting on the decision by Rain Nightclub to remove itself from the voluntary agreement on 2am closing time, Colin Neill, chief executive of Pubs of Ulster said:

“Rain Nightclub has notified Pubs of Ulster of its decision to leave the voluntary agreement regarding 2am closing.  The decision to go back to closing at 3am is of course very disappointing and we will be engaging with them to discuss the issue further.


“In the meantime however, Pubs of Ulster would strongly encourage all other licensees signed up to the voluntary agreement, to continue to operate under its terms by closing at 2am.   We would like to remind the industry that the agreement has the support and backing of the PSNI and therefore any decision by a licensee to remove themselves from it, will be brought to their attention as we continue in our efforts to crack down on illegal and irresponsible practices.  


“We also hope that the industry recognises the opportunity that the agreement presents.  By demonstrating effective self-regulation and the industry’s commitment to responsible practices, we hope to pave the way for modernising the current licensing laws in Northern Ireland.  This will only happen however if the industry comes together on issues such as 2am closing.”