Pubs of Ulster Welcomes 600000 Commitment to Help Trade in Belfast

23 January 2013

Following today’s announcement by Finance Minister, Sammy Wilson that Stormont will immediately commit £600,000 to an advertising campaign aimed at getting people back to Belfast, Colin Neill, chief executive of Pubs of Ulster, said:

“We very much welcome today’s announcement by Finance Minister Sammy Wilson, and we believe that this is a step towards getting trade in Belfast back to health. 


“Over the last number of weeks, Pubs of Ulster has been working closely with a number of Northern Ireland Ministers, as well as representatives from all of the main political parties, to find ways to support local businesses affected by the on-going flag protests.  Whilst Belfast is the most critical and needs immediate help, these discussions will continue to ensure that the second phase of support –focused on all of Northern Ireland - is delivered in the very near future. 


“However, today’s commitment of £600,000 to support an advertising campaign, specifically targeted at getting people back in Belfast, is a significant step forward.  The bottom line is that most businesses, particularly in the hospitality sector, depend on people coming through the door and this is where the greatest and most immediate support is needed.   


“Pubs of Ulster is continuing to work across the board to ensure that everything that can be done, is being done to boost confidence and let people know that Belfast is very much open for business.  However, we cannot stress enough that as well as political support, we need the people of Belfast to get behind this. We want the advertising campaign to act as a call to action, encouraging people to get back in our pubs, back in our restaurants and back in our shops.”