Pubs Welcome Assembly Support for Reduction in VAT

11 September 2012

Trade body Pubs of Ulster has welcomed the move by the Northern Ireland Assembly to support its calls for a reduction in VAT for Northern Ireland’s hospitality sector.  Colin Neill, chief executive of Pubs of Ulster said:

“The move by the Assembly in supporting Simon Hamilton’s call for the Treasury to reduce VAT is very encouraging as Pubs of Ulster has been pressing hard on the issue for several years, both locally and nationally.


“The effect of a reduction in VAT cannot be underestimated.  With 21 countries across the European Union adopting a lower VAT rate for the hotel sector and 13 with a lower rate for the overall hospitality sector, it’s time that the UK followed suit.  The first step however is getting political support locally and today’s move is a significant step forward.  Whilst we recognise some of the concerns raised by members of the Assembly with regards to the likelihood a reduction in VAT becoming a reality across the rest of the UK, we can reassure them that Pubs of Ulster will be raising VAT with our counterparts in Scotland as early as this week in order to ensure that we keep moving on the issue.


“Pubs of Ulster will continue to push forward on the issue and we hope that the support of Simon Hamilton and the assembly gives the VAT campaign the momentum it needs to make further progress and ensures our calls are heard loud and clear by HM Treasury and Westminster.”