Press Release NI Water

14 March 2012

NI Water Suppliers Day 29 March 2012.

NI Water is the sole supplier of water and wastewater services in Northern Ireland, supplying 800,000 properties with fresh, high quality water every day.

We also remove 325 million litres of wastewater from properties across Northern Ireland each day. We are a multi-million pound enterprise, but we couldn't function without the assistance of our suppliers.

In order to broaden the range of organisations from which it receives tender bids, NI Water is inviting business suppliers to a 'Supplier Day' on Thursday 29 March 2012. This event is aimed at current suppliers and also potential suppliers that do not currently provide goods or services to NI Water. Suppliers will be able to book a 20 minute slot with an NI Water procurement officer, who will guide them through the services required by the company, as a major investor in the local economy.

Those interested in attending will be required to pre-register, which will include giving NI Water some background information on your company, what role it fulfils etc. Early registration is advisable to avoid disappointment. Categories available for discussion are:

ChemicalsPPEMinor civilsMeter installationProfessional servicesWeb servicesTrainingFacilities managementSecurity personnel/apparatusFull service marketingProvision of temporary workersWater and sewerage network services

We will be issuing lists of existing contracts on the day, and smaller companies should contact the prime contractors to see if there are any opportunities for sub-contracting.

There are tremendous opportunities for small tenders within NI Water. Where economically advantageous, NI Water has always used small, local suppliers, and this has resulted in numerous highly successful business arrangements for both parties. There have been SMEs with whom we've never had a contract winning small tenders over the last two years and that is good to see and good for the local economy. We operate with a budget of approximately £120 million per year, and therefore are a highly significant business customer.

We are actively encouraging interested small businesses to register their attendance at our Supplier Day on 29 March 2012. If, for whatever reason, you can't make it along that day, please review our tenders through eSourcingNI, where we advertise all our tenders, in common with all Government Departments in Northern Ireland. We also advertise tenders on our website; look under the 'About Us' column and then click on 'Tender Opportunities' and then 'Goods, Materials and Services'.

If you would like further information, please go to the 'Goods, Materials and Services' section of our website. If you want to talk to our procurement officers, please register by completing the registration form and emailing it to