Police to Pilot Test Purchase of Alcohol Powers in West Belfast Area

08 April 2010

Police in �A� District are intending to pilot the use of new test purchase of alcohol powers and carry out test purchase operations in the West Belfast area during April 2010. This is in an effort to raise awareness that alcohol is an age restricted product.

Community Safety Inspector Alan Swann said that test purchase of alcohol exercises are not intended to �entrap or catch out� staff or licensees in either �on� or �off� licensed premises, including supermarkets. Rather test purchase exercises are an opportunity for the licensees and their staff to embrace their responsibilities in ensuring under 18 year olds are not illegally supplied with alcohol. The PSNI would therefore encourage and ask staff and licensees to actively challenge persons who look under 18 years old that are attempting to buy alcohol and to ensure they ask for proof of age or identity before making any such sale,� said Inspector Swann. He also said that it was widely recognised that the illegal sale of alcohol to under-age persons can be linked to anti-social behaviour, alcohol fuelled disorder and crime.