PSNI Traffic Light System for Pubs and Nightclubs

19 June 2012

Statement on behalf of Pubs of Ulster – PSNI ‘traffic light’ system for pubs and nightclubs.


Colin Neill, chief executive of Pubs of Ulster said:

“Pubs of Ulster is working closely with the PSNI on the proposed new ‘traffic light’ system for pubs and nightclubs.


“Whilst Northern Ireland does not have a night time economy anywhere near the scale of that in Cardiff, the Welsh model should still be an effective tool in managing and protecting the industry locally.  The proposed new system, if implemented, would essentially act as a barometer, highlighting potential issues before they escalate to a more serious level.  Ongoing monitoring would allow the licensee and the PSNI to work together to identify the reasons behind any shift in the number of incidents, and look at ways to address the problem as soon as possible.


“This is another example of the importance of cooperation between the industry and outside bodies such as the PSNI.  Pubs of Ulster will continue to work closely with the police on the key issues affecting the licensed trade in order to build and maintain a responsible environment that everyone can enjoy.”