Drinks Promotions Statement LATEST

10 February 2012

Following the recent issues around drinks promotions, Pubs of Ulster, the representative body of the pub trade in Northern Ireland, has stated that any member found to be engaging in irresponsible drinks promotions will now be subject to an internal review and disciplined accordingly.

Colin Neill, Chief Executive of Pubs of Ulster said:

"As the representative body of a responsible industry, Pubs of Ulster cannot stand by any practice that in our opinion promotes the misuse or abuse of alcohol and likewise, we cannot support any premises that continues to act irresponsibly on drinks promotions.

"To that end, any member of Pubs of Ulster that in our opinion engages in irresponsible promotions, will now be subject to an internal review based on their actions. I will also be meeting with my board in the coming days to discuss how these venues can and should be disciplined.

"Our decision comes following unwillingness by some in the industry, including members of Pubs of Ulster, to address the serious issues around irresponsible promotions. Whilst those engaged in this type of promotion are in the minority, most have now agreed to review and amend their approach in the interest of customer wellbeing. However, some have been less receptive. We will however continue in our discussions with these venues in an effort to end the sale of drinks at £1 which is, in our opinion, not a responsible promotion."