CEO welcomes Entertainment Licensing Consultation

01 May 2015

Having led the campaign throughout this process, Pubs of Ulster’s CEO, Colin Neill welcomed the announcement today by Environment Minister, Mark H Durkan, of a consultation on the Report by the Entertainment licensing Review Group.

“Today’s announcement by the Minister of the Environment, Mark H Durkan, on a consultation to consider the Report by the Entertainment Licensing Review group is welcome. Pubs of Ulster believe that the recommendations set out in the report should be carefully considered by stakeholders and those across the hospitality industry.

Pubs of Ulster have been calling for the reform of our entertainment licensing system for a number of years. This system has not been reviewed over the course of the past 30 years and has become a source of frustration for many in the hospitality sector who are eager to provide the best service possible to customers, many of whom are tourists.

I am confident that the outcome of the consultation will pave the way for a modern entertainment licensing system which ensures that entertainment licensing strikes an appropriate balance between the concerns of the public and the needs of local businesses. I commend the Minister for bringing this important consultation forward.”