CEO comments on Clubland Sale

08 January 2015

In respect of the sale of Clubland, Chief Executive of Pubs of Ulster, Colin Neill said:

“The nightclub scene in Northern Ireland has been tough for licensees. Typically it can be an expensive area to operate in with larger venues, greater operating costs, and frequent refits to remain on-trend. Opening hours are generally only at the weekends, particularly in areas outside of Belfast where there is no huge student population to drive mid-week socialising. In addition with alcohol on sale so cheaply in the supermarkets, many people tend to pre-load at home and go to nightclubs much later in the evening which has an obvious impact on sales.

“Despite this however the economy is turning in a more positive direction and we have been encouraged in the industry by trading figures over the Christmas period where we have seen a modest upturn. I would expect that being set in the heart of Cookstown and a well-known establishment, it will generate interest and offers a good opportunity for the right buyer.”