Pubs of Ulster Statement on NekNomination

03 February 2014

Pubs of Ulster have strongly condemned a social media craze which has been linked to the death of two men over the weekend.

The ‘NekNomination’ game involves people being nominated by friends to down alcoholic drinks and then post videos on social media sites.



Pubs of Ulster Chief Executive Colin Neill today said:


“This craze must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. Alcohol is a regulated substance for good reason and we strongly encourage people to drink responsibly and not to pressurise friends and peers into downing crazy amounts of alcohol.


“The pub is the safest place to enjoy alcohol in a regulated environment and Pubs of Ulster would encourage all of its members to make sure this practice does not pervade the safe atmosphere that the pub industry has worked hard to cultivate in Northern Ireland.”



Chair of the Independent Panel on the Responsible Retailing and Promotion of Alcohol, Duncan McCausland added:


“This is precisely why the work of the panel is so important. It is imperative that we take a zero-tolerance approach to harmful drinking practices. Whilst many of these dares do not take place on licensed premises, it is important for the licensed trade to make it clear that such dares will not be tolerated in their pubs and clubs.


“The abuse of alcohol in this way poses a great danger, particularly to younger generations who are susceptible to peer pressure. We must take care to promote a responsible drinking culture and condemn practices such as this.”