Research Shows The Equivalent Of Pints In Supermarkets Sold For As Low As 79p

Research Shows The Equivalent Of Pints In Supermarkets Sold For As Low As 79p

26 October 2018

Reacting to the news today that pub trade industry bible ‘The Morning Advertiser’ has published research that shows that the equivalent of pints in supermarkets are being sold for as low as 79p, Colin Neill, Chief Executive of Hospitality Ulster stated:

“We are astounded today to see the research from the pub trade publication ‘The Morning Advertiser’ that the below cost selling of alcohol is rife within supermarkets – a contributary factor in putting so many pubs here under extreme pressure.

This shocking information comes just days away from a Budget that is likely to see the Chancellor increase beer duty by 3.5%, which will put 4p on the price of a pint. This is not acceptable and will be the ruination of many livelihoods, taking away jobs.

Figures show that between 2016 and 2017 alone, almost 90 pubs closed in Northern Ireland - an average of one every four days - partly because of five successive years of increases in beer tax.

The government is effectively pushing people out of pubs – a controlled environment – into harmful drinking at home which has a whole range of negative health and social consequences. Only 6% of the population consumes 44% here which will increase if supermarkets continue to get away with slashing prices.

How is the hospitality sector in Northern Ireland expected to compete in that environment when it is undercut, crippling the trade in the mouth of the festive period.”