New Brand Identity for Schweppes

New Brand Identity for Schweppes

08 August 2016

A spokesperson for Coca-Cola said:

"Invented by Jacob Schweppes in 1783, Schweppes has been charming tongues ever since. It is the perfect balance of bubbles and flavour, delivering the sharp bitter taste which styles our legendary tonic. It has never been bettered.

Schweppes is consistently producing classic beverages with Soda water in the 18th century, Tonic water in the 19th century and bitter lemon in the 20th century. The brand is perfect in the present, because of its past.

2016 sees the launch of a new brand identity for Schweppes – a sharp new look with the same signature Schweppes taste. The new look will feature across the existing 125ml range, but also includes a 200ml range with a new bottle shape in the sharp new look.

Our legendary tonic water is a delicate balance of bitterness acidity and sweetness with just the right amount of citrus.  Our tonic water only uses natural flavorings and contains the highest quality ingredients including quinine from cinchona bark - the quintessential mixer for publicans and amongst the discerning tonic drinker.

For further information on the new Schweppes range or any Coca-Cola product please contact your local Coca-Cola Hellenic salesperson or our Customer Service Helpline on 0845 6088889."