CEO Comment On Irresponsible Drinking In Belfasts Holylands

CEO Comment On Irresponsible Drinking In Belfasts Holylands

23 September 2016

Reacting to the irresponsible drinking chaos in the Holylands area of south Belfast Colin Neill, Chief Executive, Hospitality Ulster commented:

“We are disappointed, once again, to see the chaos that irresponsible drinking and retail of alcohol has had in the Holylands in south Belfast during university Fresher’s week. The below cost selling of alcohol and the volume in which is it consumed in student accommodation and rented houses in that area is a blight on the local residents, stigmatising students and young people who consume alcohol sensibly.”


“The consumption of cheap drink at home is a real problem here in Northern Ireland.”


“We welcome the fact that the new Liquor Licensing Bill, which has just been introduced to the NI Assembly, includes plans to strengthen codes that control irresponsible promotions, like the Responsible Retailing of Alcohol NI code. However, if we are to make irresponsible retailing and consumption of alcohol a thing of the past our industry, and our elected representatives, must work together and bring forward a bill for the minimum price of alcohol and other elements to tackle this level of home drinking head on.”