CEO Comment Ahead Of Liquor Licensing Bill Second Reading

CEO Comment Ahead Of Liquor Licensing Bill Second Reading

27 September 2016

Ahead of the second reading of the Liquor Licensing Bill on Tuesday (27th at 10.32am) Colin Neill, Chief Executive, Hospitality Ulster said today:

“We commend Minister Givan for bringing forward this important piece of legislation which aims to modernise the liquor licensing regime in Northern Ireland. I think most people will agree it is time to modernise the legislation to give us a competitive edge against other European destinations and attract home drinkers into our pubs and restaurants."


"The Bill includes measures that we welcome, such as the additional 30 minutes drinking up time; allowing under 18s on licensed premises provided alcohol is not on sale; restrictions of supermarket marketing; and giving statutory recognition to industry codes that outlaw the irresponsible promotion of alcohol.”


“However, the Bill does not go far enough in relation to additional late nights and Easter opening."


"As the leading body representing the diverse range of businesses that make up the hospitality industry in Northern Ireland, Hospitality Ulster will be fully engaged during the progress of the Bill, to make the case for additional amendments that will deliver the required modernisation of the legislation, whilst supporting the responsible retailing of alcohol in Northern Ireland.


“The Hospitality industry in Northern Ireland sustains 60,000 jobs and contributes over £1.1billion to our economy every year. It deserves and requires legislation that is fit for purpose if we are not only to sustain the current employment level, but grow it and support our ever developing tourism offer.”