Apply For Your PPL Refund Now

23 April 2010

APPLY FOR YOUR PPL REFUND NOW In February of this year it was reported that the British Hospitality Association and the British Beer and Pub Association had won a High Court case in which Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) appealed against a decision by the Copyright Tribunal on the tariffs for playing music in public areas in pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels. The dispute began when Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) raised tariffs for playing music in bars, hotels, restaurants and pubs by up to 403 per cent. The Tribunal ruled that PPL's tariff increases, dating back to 2005-2006, were unreasonable; it allowed only a 10 per cent all-round increase plus RPI. It also accepted that refunds should be given to all those businesses that had paid over the odds since the new tariffs were imposed - estimated to amount to some �15-�20m. Of course now the question is �How do I get any refund due?� The tribunal, in its judgement, required the PPL to correspond with all current licensees within two months but the refunds go back to 2005 and all former Licensees should be contacted within a reasonable period of time. If you have still not received any correspondence from PPL the Federation recommends you contact them at:- Phonographic Performances Ltd., 1 Upper James Street, London, W1F 9DE. E-mail: Tel:- 0207 534 1000 Fax:- 0207 534 1111 If you have made PPL payments since 2005 and in that period of time you have moved location, we would suggest that you should ensure that the PPL have your current address, along with details of the previous units you have occupied, in order that you are not omitted from the distribution of claim forms. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT CLAIMS CAN ONLY BE MADE FOR PPL � PHONOGRAPHIC PERFORMANCES LTD. NOT PRS � PERFORMING RIGHTS SOCIETY. Please note that if you paid your PPL invoices late during the period 2005-2010, you will only be able to get 50% of any refund due.