BBPA agrees partnership with Pubs of Ulster


BBPA agrees partnership with Pubs of Ulster

18 December 2013

“A new partnership has been developed between Pubs of Ulster and the BBPA, following a memorandum agreed between the two bodies and signed in London last week.

The move will enable the two organizations to coordinate their campaigning and representation work, with Pubs of Ulster bringing expertise on Northern Irish public affairs, and the BBPA advising and assisting Pubs of Ulster on Westminster, as well as wider UK issues of concern.


Key areas of mutual interest will include be taxation, licensing, alcohol policy, responsible retailing of alcohol, property/planning, and tourism.


Brigid Simmonds, BBPA Chief Executive, comments:


“For us, decision-making in the devolved administrations is becoming ever more important, as issues that arise in one assembly, can often spread to others. Northern Ireland MPs also play an important part on decision-making at Westminster. This new partnership will really improve our understanding of key issues facing the trade in Northern Ireland, and I am sure we can also help Pubs of Ulster with their Westminster work.”


Colin Neill, Chief Executive of Pubs of Ulster, comments:


“With a number of important issues relating to Northern Ireland (including Beer Duty and VAT) still the responsibility of Westminster our partnership with The British Beer & Pub Association will not only strengthen our political lobby, but also enhance our understanding of the developing issues in GB which could potentially impact pubs in Northern Ireland. I look forward to sharing knowledge and expertise to the benefit of both memberships.”