Vulnerability Awareness Training for Licensed Premises

12 February 2014

Pubs of Ulster, South Belfast District Policing and Community Safety Partnership (DPCSP) and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) are working collectively to deliver ‘Vulnerability Awareness’ training for staff working in licensed premises.

The initiative is designed to increase awareness amongst staff of some of the triggers of vulnerability and what steps they can take to help protect someone who may in be such a position.


Joel Neill, Support Services Manager, Pubs of Ulster discusses the rationale behind the training: 


“As an industry body which represents the licensed trade we are keen to ensure that our members and their staff are provided with opportunities that assist them to implement responsible measures that in turn create a safer environment for patrons.


“The training asks staff to consider a range of factors such as age, level of intoxication, are they alone, location – where are they, time of day/night, weather conditions etc. and if having gone through this checklist it triggers concerns, to then take action and alert door staff, police or any other relevant support network that may be in place such as the SOS bus with a view to preventing harm.”

"Following a sucessful pilot here in Belfast, we intend to make this important training scheme available to licensees all over Northern Ireland."


Deirdre Hargey, Chair of South Belfast DPCSP which funded the training programme says:


“There is a vibrant night time economy in South Belfast.  We want to support the industry and its ongoing development.  Training of this nature enables us to directly assist staff within the sector and respond to their needs in order to maintain a safe city centre that is attractive to visitors and locals alike.”


Chief Inspector Gabriel Moran, Area Commander for South Belfast welcomes the initiative:


“In addition to this training being delivered to licensed premises staff the PSNI will also be delivering this training to all our officers who work within the night time economy in South and East Belfast.  


“This investment by Police, Pubs of Ulster and South Belfast DPCSP provides a further mechanism for early intervention.  Officers regularly witness individuals who are suffering the effects of intoxication and it is important that collectively a similar approach is applied to intervening and supporting these people to ensure that they don’t fall victim to crime.”