No legal reason why pub owners cant carry out own Fire Risk Asessment

17 April 2010

Fire Risk Assessment � Competency of Fire Risk Assessors. There is no legal reason why individual pub owners cannot carryout their own Fire Risk Assessment. This it particularly the case were the premise is small and uncomplicated.

It may well be within the capability of pubs owners to consult the various guidance documents and conduct a �sufficient and adequate� fire risk assessment. They would also need to take action on the findings of the risk assessment. Competent The draft Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2009 provides a definition of �competent�. �Competent, in relation to a person means that the person has sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to enable that person � a) In relation to regulation 12(3) (b), properly to implement the measure referred to in that regulation... b) in relation to regulation 14(1)(b), properly to implement the evacuation procedures referred to in that regulation; and c) In relation to regulation 17(1), to properly assist in undertaking the fire safety measures. It is Regulation 17(1) that has direct relation to who carries out fire risk assessment... In determining who you might choose to carry out your Fire Risk Assessment, you may wish to establish that they have suitable training and, more importantly experience. Any fire fighter who has spent several years within a Fire Service fire safety department should have such experience � in general. Those who have attend the Fire Service College or other �in house� Fire Brigade Course will have had appropriate training. You may wish to consider if they are a member of a professional body such as the IFE (Institution of Fire Engineers), or the IFPO (Institute of Fire Prevention Officers) or even ISOH, or NEBOSH with their �bolt on� Fire Risk Assessment Courses. The IFE and the IFPO each provide a register of fire risk assessors, although many capable fire risk assessors, particularly within NI, have not followed this route. Other examining bodies, NEBOSH and IOSH, provide general health and safety qualifications by examination and CPD. Each of these bodies also developed Fire Risk Assessment qualifications, again achievable by examination. Someone who holds a NEBOSH Fire Risk assessment qualification, and perhaps the NEBOSH general Health and Safety Qualification, while capable, are unlikely to have the experience necessary to carryout anything other than the most simple fire risk assessment, which could in any case most likely be undertaken by the pub owner. (MORE INFORMATION? CLICK 'INDUSTRY SUPPORT > GENERAL DOWNLOADS')