NITB - LDerry Masterclass Event

02 December 2010

Northern Ireland Tourist Board is delivering a masterclass in L/Derry on developing business partnerships.

This event aims to galvanise tourism professionals to work collaboratively to raise the quality of the visitor experience and understand their role in the visitor journey, as well as building networks to enable them to grow and sell more product in partnership. Aimed at managers and leaders in the tourism sector, this is a not-to-be-missed event which will help you ensure a world-class experience for all your visitors. Details: Tuesday 14th December 2010 9.30am to 1.30pm Waterfoot Hotel L/Derry This is a complimentary event, however, you are still required to register your attendance by clicking here. Speakers Siobhan McCauley, NITB Mary Blake, Derry City Council Catherine O'Connor, DVCB Event Background We must work together to present quality inspired itineraries for the visitor based on best practice, unique and authentic experiences. This way, we will grow our visitor numbers and repeat business by building customer loyalty. Partnership marketing should be developed as a way of increasing business for all concerned. Relationships should not be seen as short term, but rather, as something which can be built on and carried forward. The best partnerships work when each side fully trusts the other and is prepared to look at different ways of working together. Sharing processes, co-operating on marketing or sales activities, developing new products together - all are ways of creating strong bonds and, in doing so, increasing profitable business. When the next crisis hits the industry (as history shows it will), will you have all the friends you need to survive or will you be on your own? This Business Insight focuses on you, your business and what you can achieve locally.