Fire Safety law is changing

16 April 2010

Fire Safety law is changing. In Northern Ireland fire safety law was within the provision of Part lll of the Fire Services (Northern Ireland) Order 1984. This piece of legislation has been repealed and is replaced with the Fire & Rescue Services Order 2006.

Further fire regulations similar to the rest of the UK (The Regulatory Reform 2005 Order) will be created by virtue of Part lll, Fire Safety, of the new Fire & Rescue Services Order 2006. Such new Regulations are likely to be called the Fire Safety Regulations Northern Ireland. Until then, primary fire legislation within Northern Ireland continues to be the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 2001, and The Fire Certificates (Special Premises) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1991. The Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 2001 requires every employer to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment, (other than in an excepted workplace). If a fire risk assessment has previously been carried out under this legislation, and that assessment has been regularly reviewed, then all that is likely to be needed under new Fire Safety regulations is a revision of that assessment taking account of the wider scope of the new legislation. Your premises may also be subject to the provisions of a licence or registration (e.g. under the Licensing Act), and the Fire & Rescue Service may wish to review your risk assessment as part of the licensing approval process. Fire safety conditions within your licence should not be set by a licensing authority where new legislation will apply. The proposed new Fire Safety Regulations will apply to all premises, the only exception being private dwellings. The regulations will cover general fire precautions and fire safety duties which are needed to protect �relevant persons� in case of fire�. The Regulations will require fire precautions to be put in place �where necessary� and to the extent that it is �practicable� and reasonably practicable�. (MORE INFORMATION? CLICK 'INDUSTRY SUPPORT > Risk Management & Insurance > Download category Fire Safety)