You Are Not Alone

As part of an industry that sustains 60,000 jobs and has a higher GDP than agriculture, your business plays a key role in the economy of Northern Ireland. What’s more, as a valued member of Hospitality Ulster your business combines with hundreds of other businesses in the hospitality industry to form one of the strongest and most effective trade bodies in Northern Ireland.

Specialising in representing the hospitality industry in Northern Ireland, Hospitality Ulster is focused purely on our industry. Meaning we have the skills, knowledge and determination to ensure our industry is given the recognition, environment and tools needed to grow your business and our industry.

Hospitality Ulster is run by its members for its members, with Board members elected from across Northern Ireland providing a voice for members and the industry since 1872.

Through intensive engagement at the Northern Ireland Assembly and Westminster, plus strategic alliances with our counterparts in England, Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland, we have established Hospitality Ulster at the heart of government and as a leading voice for our industry.

As the only body representing the diverse range of business models within the Northern Ireland hospitality industry, we have established a collaborative network consisting of key stakeholders from across the hospitality industry- making us better informed and able to speak with a stronger voice on the issues that impact us all.

Backed by a professional team, with people on the hill, on the ground and in the office- Hospitality Ulster is firmly connected to our members and firmly imbedded with government both locally and nationally. With dedicated staff responsible for your lobby, your support, your development and your strength, we’re not just any trade body; we’re your trade body, we’re the hospitality industry trade body!